National Programs Department Mission Statement:
To provide department and post level support that will culminate in vibrant and effective programs serving veterans and this nation’s citizens.

Quality programs executed by your local post are the vehicle that AMVETS uses
to deliver on our promise of preserving freedoms secured by America’s armed forces and enhancing the quality of life for all veterans and our nation’s citizens. Effective programs drive our ability to ensure the preservation of our American democratic way of life, and to train our youth to become purposeful citizens in
that democracy. We encourage you to get involved!

If your post conducts only one program of signifcance during the course of the year, it should be a program that serves our veterans. If your post raises only a limited amount of money that can be donated for worthy causes, make certain the money is used on behalf of our veterans or the active military. Veterans who are attracted to join AMVETS, your post, because they align with AMVETS stated objectives of services that improve the quality of life for all citizens, will soon become disillusioned if all your post offers is a place to socialize. AMVETS, at that point, becomes just another club. We all need opportunities to socially interact and there are many of them available. Socialization should be the by-product of an active AMVETS post that is truly engaged in service to veterans, not the sole purpose for existing. In Addition, younger veterans, that we must attract, need much more than just another social opportunity. If you have not taken the time to view/read the results of the National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans, hosted by AMVETS, you should make this a priority.

Please take a minute to read some of the feedback we’ve received about AMVETS programs and see how they make a difference in the lives of so many people across the country.

With all of the many different programs we believe you will find one that matches your interest and the needs of your community. Many AMVETS members involve their entire families as they work together to make a difference. There is something for everyone. Do not wait to be asked, get involved with an ongoing program. There is no limit to the number of programs that a post may implement. If you have a passion for a program that is not currently on your posts calendar, why not volunteer to chair that program and invite others, who share your passion, to join you.

Through quality programs that your post conducts, AMVETS is able to provide contless hours of service that make a difference. Our members are particularly effective in this role because they are “mission” driven and have skills to cooperate, coordinate and communicate better than any other local community volunteer group.

The terrain may be different from community to community, but every battle to overcome an issue and fulfill a human need is as important as any we have
ever fought. As veterans, we have served and will continue to serve our country because we care deeply about its future.