The Foundation of a successful Organization

Your post should have one of the Training DVDs that is displayed here. They were mailed to all Posts following the 2006 National Convention. Newly organized posts receive a copy with their charter.

A post could utilize a module or two over a several-month period or use it as a resource throughout the year. Minimally, all new officers should view it on an annual basis. The first three modules are also ideal to provide an orientation for new members. It will help them see the big picture and perhaps spark their enthusiasm to become an active member of your post.

Districts and Departments may want to incorporate several of the modules, supporting specific needs, during the course of a weekend “school of instruction,” convention or SEC meeting.

The DVD/VHS may be used in a TV type viewer or for large group training sessions it may be used with a PC & LCD projector to view on a large screen.

Videos Coming Soon